Ginger Latté Watson

Because she's my cute little puppy and her birthday was yesterday. Happy birthday Ginger! #piccollage #ginger #happy it that #dog #dogyears #nationaldogday #puppy #shesnotapuppy #sleep #cute #insta #instacute

She was literally the doggy in the window...

This is my cockapoo, Ginger, and I smiling away

When I got her at a pet store she was so stinky! She was in desperate need of a bath. She was very calm and curious when we took her home but she quickly warmed up to us and showed her playful side.

When we got her we were told she would probably grow to be 15-20 pounds. She's only 10 pounds, but I still love my little cutie. She loves belly rubs and walks or runs. Her nickname is Peanut...but she only answers to that if my dad calls her. She has a little attitude and after she gets a bath she scrambles around the whole house.

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2 years ago

omg I love her...her nickname is perfect (peanut)