Welcome to Taiwan!

An independent sovereign country

                       Come along and make your next destination Taiwan.

Let us take you through the beautiful capital city, Taipei. Where you will taste the different foods and experience traditions and cultural events. Taiwan has a longitude and latitude of 23.5 degrees N, 12 degrees E. The neighboring countries are Macao and Hongkong.

       Want to know what to pack? Just know that the weather is pretty mild and the average temperature is +22 almost all year round, no severe cold, and no brutal heat. There all tall mountains too. So be sure to pack your hiking boots. Bring your bug spray so you can walk the paths through the zonal forests.

        Imagine how your first night would go. You're in a country with 23.34 million other people and everyone is speaking standard mandarin. You don't know what to do but follow the crowd to where there are is a bunch of lights being shot into the sky. You've arrived at the Taiwan lantern festival. There is folk music blasting and everyone dressed in vivid colours with diverse styles. You watch as they launch hundreds of thousands firecrackers at the same time. The Taiwanese people are celebrating bees. The firecrackers represent bees coming out of their hives.   

      There are many delicious delicacy's in Taiwan to enjoy. Taiwan is big into shellfish, they have dishes such as cuttlefish geng. Which is a clear thick soup with cuttlefish and fish paste. Early in the morning you could enjoy an oyster omelet. Want to go sushi, enjoy a pig blood cake, rice on a stick with soy sauce. There are many other dishes to enjoy that include prawns.

     In the past Taiwan has experienced flooding. In 2001 the citizens of Taiwan had gone through a terrible flood from typhoon nari. The people of Taiwan have come back strong and keep their country striving. Earlier on Taiwan had had more flooding in 1959 which happened in central Taiwan. Now they are a happy beautiful country ready to be explored by you.   

Now its your turn to come to Taiwan and make a difference and help keep their country beautiful. Help out by working on the organic  farms and learn farming practices and gain skills necessary for organic farming with WWOOF (world wide opportunities on organic farms).


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