Weapons in the Cold War


I.C.B.M. stands for Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.  It was a devestating missile that was guided.  

                            U-2 Spy Plane

U-2 Spy Planes were used to gather intelligence.  It has been used in the U.S.A.F. for over 50 years.  

                        Hydrogen Bomb

Hydrogen bombs are made from uranium and plutonium.  It is an atomic bomb so the rest of the mass is split into energy.  

                                MiG Jets

Aproximately 60 countries have used MiG jets.  Many counties still use MiG jets.  


Alliances were used to make your armies stronger.  Usually it was a "if they attack me, then you will help me attack them."

                             Space Race

The space race wasn't an actual so to speak "weapon".  The winner of the space race would get benefits though.  

                        Katyusha Rocket

The Katyusha rocket was effective because it shot multiple rockets.  Although one of it's downfalls was accuracy.

              Weapons in the Vietnam War


Hueys were used to transport troops.  And to many troops the sound of a Huey was very relieving.  


The M16 was the main weapon used by U.S. troops during Vietnam.  Although M16's easily jammed.  


Napalm is a flammable liquid used to burn enemies.  Napalm and flamethrowers are now banned due to the Geneva Convention.

                            Agent Orange

Agent Orange was a chemical they used to kill vegetation.  Although when it came in contact with people it caused diseases.  

                           Booby Traps

Booby traps like this were set up by the VC and NVA.  It was designed so if a soldier stepped on it they would fall and be impaled.  

                          Hand Grenades

Hand grenades had many uses from clearing foxholes to clearing buildings.  Grenades shoot out shrapnel along with the actual explosion.  


Mines were used to guard certain areas.  There were two main mines: bouncing betties like the one above and claymores.  

          Weapons Used in the Civil Rights                                        Movement


Nonviolent protesting was essential to the civil rights movement.  If they would have fought back whites could claim they had used violence first.

                     Packing the Jails

People figured if they packed the jails eventually they would stop arresting people.  Despite their efforts they continued cramming people in the jails until there was barely any room.  

                        Children's March

Martin Luther King Jr. thought he needed the kids to start helping with the protesting.  Although many were arrested it was a big step in the civil rights movement.  

                      Justice in the Courts

Justice in courts was a big problem, many times judges were prejudice.  Although African American's still won cases.  


During the civil rights movement supporters of it could use the media to get word out.  They could also use it to encourage others to join.  


Speeches inspired people especially Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech.  Also just seeing the leaders of the movement helped people.  


Protesting was used to get people's attention.  It also help to get people behind their cause.  

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