Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication and information technologies in order to provide clinical healthcare at a distance. It also helps improve access to medical services that often would not be available constantly in distance rural communities

Advantages to Telemedicine

  • Increases access to health care
  • Convenient
  • Less time
  • Cost efficiency
  • Privacy assurance

Disadvantages to Telemedicine

  • Electronic glitches
  • Physician resistance
  • Inadequate assessment
  • Not enough signal
  • Uncooperative


-Telemedicine has been used all around the world. One specific location is in Haiti during 2010. There was a giant earthquake and they had lost most to all power and the stationed doctors had to use telemedicine to contact other doctors to figure out what to do.

-Another example of telemedicine is used in San Diego where dermatologists are able to treat more patients by reviewing images and patient information uploaded and sent to them over a secure server by referring physicians, rather than seeing every patient in person. The practice's physicians now handle 800 cases per month, that's 50 percent more than before!

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