Scratch game


This is a caption of my scratch game you have to try and keep the monkey off the ground and save it by bouncing it on the trampoline if the monkey bounces on the red line its game over. you move the trampoline by moving the mouse and where ever you move the mouse the trampoline will move to where the mouse is. and the monkey moves every where.

This is the code to make the monkey move and to make it stop when it hits bounces on the red line it also controls the monkey to bounce on the trampoline so that it doesn't just bounce on the red line straight away.

These are all the sprites I used to create my scratch, they are all the things to create this whole game, I used 8 sprites to make my game I chose these sprites because I got the idea off of the internet, there was a paddle and a ball so I decided to do the same but used a monkey and a trampoline instead so I didn't completely copy them.

This is the code for the trampoline it has sound effects do when the monkey bounces on the trampoline it makes a drum sound and the trampoline also moves when you move the mouse so where ever you move the mouse the trampoline follows.

This is how I got my background I chose the grand canyon because I thought that it looked good with the palm trees and bananas and the trampoline and the monkey.

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