Email Etiquette Assignment

Amy Ruiz

1. Avoid long sentences for example if they read it and they don't see a . they might run out of breath.

2. Keep your language gender natural because they might get offended if you didn't keep your language gender natural.

3. Don't send forward email's containing libelous,defamatory,offensive,racist or obscene because they might tell an adualt and get you in to troble. not use all caps because the person that is reading it might think that you are screaming at them. not over use the high propority option because they might think it is not nice. not over use reply to all because if you do you might send something that you do not want to send to someone. concise and to the to the point so people won't be mean to you.

8.use proper spelling grammer and putuation for example if you asy that your g carful what you email to others not forward jokes,games or chain letters to your teacher or to or to your classmates

Detail Tips

1. avoid using urgent and important because if you call your friend and say that you need to tell her something important and when she comes over to your house you tell her about these cute clothes,hat,jewlery and shoes you bought she might get made at you because she might have thought that someone might have died , that she might have been kidnaped or that she had been robed.

2. make it personal because someone might read it and it might be embersing for you and you might never want to show your face ever again because they might make fun of you at school or in the street because your friend saw it and your friend said something to someone else.

3. do not ask to recall a message because someone might want to trick you into doing something that might get you into trouble with your parents or with the police.

4. do not chain letters because if you chain letters then it might look like a long paper of ideas or if someone is reading it they might read it and run out of breath.

5. do not copy a massage or attachment without permission because someone might want you to do something bad to you or trick you into doing something that you are not spoused to do for example send a text message or picture that you are not spoused

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