by Sarah Willman

Confucius was the Chinese philosopher of Confucianism. His philosophy taught that you need to respect your elders. Elders were people who were assigned (older brother, sister, respected one) to you. Confucius devolved this concept by studying education, society, and government. He then applied his concepts to life.  

This picture shows that in Confucianism you must respect your elders. Confucius taught that you must respect the ones older\ wiser then you. Respect was a big part of Confucianism. His concept reminds me that you must treat others the way you want to be treated.  

These are pictures of some Confucius books.The Four Books include Lun Yu , Chung Yung , Ta Hsueh, and Meng Tzu. Lun-yu is the most sacred one of them all. The books contain the way Confucius thought people should live and behave.

Yin and Yang means opposites attract. This plays a big role in Confucianism. Because elders are usually assigned to people who have done wrong. Ex: Sally bullies Sarah. Sally's older sister is  assigned to help her improve.Sally's sister could be against bullies. See how the yin yang works.

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