Smart Snacking & Healthy Living

A Library Program to Raise Diabetes Awareness and Promote Healthy Food Choices

According to the CDC website, childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and adults in the past 30 years. I feel if we educate our children from a young age on nutritious meal planning and snacking then it will more likely become a life-long habit for them. For this reason, I wanted to focus on basic nutrition, healthy food choices, and diabetes awareness for this library programming event.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, so to begin the program students watched a short video interview between a young teenage girl and her best friend that happens to suffer from type I diabetes. The video explains how a person diagnosed with this disease must be very careful when making meal and snack choices. We then discussed as a group that being proactive is essential in developing smart eating habits at a young age.

Students worked in groups reading recipe cards, measuring ingredients, and blending the perfect smoothie.

Next, we taste tested each smoothie to see if once the smoothie was blended the taste of spinach and other green leafy vegetables could be determined. Guess what? The smoothie taste test was a HIT!! They never thought spinach could taste so good:)

Finally, students were given the opportunity to visit the computer lab in order to visit and explore the websites I had provided about nutritional planning and diabetes awareness. Many of them enjoyed reading about the popular music artist, Nick Jonas, and his struggle with diabetes on the website

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