Earth Moon and Sun
By:David Rosinski

Where I Track the Moon

Earth In Space

1.How does Earth move in Space?
2.What causes the cycle of the season on Earth?

1.The Earth moves in 2 ways rotation and revolution.The Earth's rotation causes the days and night. It is always day on the side facing the sun the side away from the sun is night. Revolution is the movement of Earth on it's axis around the Sun. The Earth goes around the sun once a year.

2.The tilt of the axis on Earth cause the changing of the seasons by which part of Earth get the most direct rays. In March and September the axis is not tilted toward and certain way it is straight up. In December and June is when it is tilted the mo

Gravity and Motion

1. What determines the strength of the force of gravity between to object?
2.What two factors combine to keep the Earth and Moon in orbit?

1.The strength of gravity between two object depends on a couple factors, The mass of both the object, and the distance between the two object. If the mass increases so does the force. If the distance increases force decreases.

2. Inertia and Gravity are the two factors newton concluded that those are the reasons that the Earth and Moon stayed in orbit and also kept the Earth in Orbit with the sun. Earth's gravity pulls the moon toward it and the moon keeps moving ahead because of Inertia.

Phases, Eclipses,and Tides.

1. What causes the phases of the Moon?
2.What are Solar and Lunar Eclipses?
3.What causes the tides?

1. The Moon's Phases depend on what part of the Moon is facing toward the sun. The lighter half is the half facing toward the sun, The darker half is facing away from the sun. When their is a full Moon that means the the Moon has made one revolution around the earth.

2. A Solar eclipse happened when the moon passes right in front of the sun and blocks it rays to reach earth. This only occurs on a new Moon is directly in front of the sun.

A Lunar eclipse is when the Earth blocks sun from getting to the Moon, This can only occur on a full Moon.

3. The Moon causes the Tide by when Moon's gravity pulls a certain amount on different parts of Earth. High tide and low tide also matter on how much the Moon's gravity pulls on Earth in certain places.

Earth's Moon

1.What features are found on the moon's surface?
2.What are some characteristic of the moon?
3.How did the moon form?

1. Features of the moon's surface are maria,craters, and highlands. Maria are huge hardened formed by big lava flows many billion years ago. Craters were mistaken from being made by volcanoes and now scientist know that they were made by meteoroids which were big rocks hurled from space. Highlands cover most of the moon's surface and Galileo correctly inferred what they were.                                                                                                2.Some characteristics of the moon are that it is dry and airless the moon is small compared to the Earth and has differences in surface temperature. The diameter of the moon is about the same as the U.S and only 1/4 the size of Earth. The Moon's temperature varies from 130' to -180'C it varies so much because it doesn't have an atmosphere. The Moon has no water , but many years ago it could have had ice near the Moon's poles.                                                                                                                                            3. There was so much rocky deere in are solar system a long time ago, scientist think that a planet like object collided with the Earth to form the Moon. They think this happened about 4.5 billion year ago.

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