One of the main characters in The Great Gatsby was Gatsby. He was troubled throughout the whole story because he loved this women named Daisy and he tried to find her and win her back. He had to do things to get rich because he thought she wouldn't want him if he was poor. He had to go through other people to finally get to meet her again face to face. He lied about who he was and how he got everything he got but at the end of the story he came out clean and told the truth about everything. After they meet and have been together for a while he tried to push Daisy to telling her husband Tom that she doesn't  love him and that she wants to be with Gatsby. " Your wife doesn't love you, " said Gatsby. "She's never loved you. She loves mes." (Fitzgerald 130) At the end of the story he gets Gatsby gets killed over something he didn't do and loses the love of his life.

By: Alex Sanchez


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