The XIX and XXI centuries kids

Below this we are comparing the different way of like between childrens in the XIX and XXI centuries.

In one hand, Back to the XIX century childrens life was not so good in many cases. The industrial revolution created a huge demand for child labour, they worked 12 hours a day in the textile factories!!! then they start to work in coalmines wich conditions were terrible. Life for poor children was like living in the hell. Thye onlly have to play metal toys, and dolls in some cases nothing, but they way of life make them to be happy onlyhaving a rock to play...

In the other hand, childrens life now in the XXI century is the opposit, they only have to matter in school, they life is excellent in compare to the XIX century. They play with computers, toys, and celphones. But this is the other side of the face, there are poor kids now, too many, but there are organizations that help them, with medications, food, and teaching them life a school.

There is no doubt compearing this way of life, this inhumanity way of treating children and make them work, this stupidity of rich man that wanted to became reacher and reacher, make me thing that persons became blind when touch money.

To conclude, Childrens in the XIX have had a terrible life most of them, they have had to work and somethimes do it in inhuman conditions, now they do not work, there are laws that ban it, they have schools in all the places, free medications and hospitals, and play most of theire time...


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