Suffering Storms and Breaking Chains

Primary Source Analysis

Laurie Halse Anderson chose William Smith's diary entry as the source for this chapter of chains because this is when the story starts to get darker, and harder for Isabel to go on. For example, part of the source included in the book says that, “the clouds grow dark”. This is figuratively saying that times are getting harder for the author, as well as for Isabel. Also, this section of the story, the novel states that “The city itself seemed unharmed, though fear ran neck-deep”. This shows how, even though signs of hardship are not always physically seen, people may be going through mental ‘storms’, or hardships. These examples show how times are getting harder for Isabel and how the primary source relates to those hardships she is going through.

Tackk By: Mona Tajchman

Primary Source: William Smith's Diary

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