Charles Mitchell, Lake Charles Pharmacist: Ethical, Trusted Professional

Maintaining a strict adherence to strong ethical standards is very important to Charles Mitchell, Lake Charles pharmacist, who has been trusted to attentive and effective medication management services for more than ten years. The pharmaceutical industry was founded on a solid ethical foundation, one that is necessary to ensure the safety and continued health of both patients who require medication and the professional pharmacists who distribute it.

As someone who is required to communicate directly with individuals coping with chronic illnesses, it is Charles Mitchell, Lake Charles pharmacist’s responsibility to be as open, upfront and honest with every patient as possible, and to never do anything that would jeopardize their health or endanger their safety at any point. Mitchell understands this well, which is why he holds himself to the highest standards of service, accountability and honesty. Ensuring the ongoing health of every patient is always his first and most important consideration.

Charles Mitchell, Lake Charles pharmacist holds both himself and his colleagues to the highest of industry standards, and is always in pursuit of delivering his best effort to every client. Medication is an essential aspect of many people’s medical treatment, and the integrity of the pharmacist-to-patient transfer and/or advice should never be compromised. Regardless of the level of service, whether that be behind the counter of a local pharmacy, within the research lab of a major pharmaceuticals corporation or as an independent, on-site pharmacist, the values of honesty, integrity and accountability should be maintained and upheld at all costs.

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