Lovely Diary of Balthasar

Diary of first day(Act 1)

Today, I went out with my friend who's also a servant of Romeo, Abraham. We just tried to go to our home, to the Montagues as always, but Abraham noticed that the servant of the rude Capulets, Gregory and Sampson were biting their thumbs at us. It's not them, but Sampson. Sampson said that he just bit his own thumb, but we all know that the Capulets just always wanted to fight with us, the Montagues. We were about to fight, but our Benvolio came and their Tybalt came. Our Benvolio didn't wanted to see the fight, so he tried to prevent the fight, but their hot-blooded Tybalt came to fight. Juliet's father came with a long sword, and our lord Montague came with his sword to protect our family. During the fight, Prince Paris came. The prince came to stop the fight. I tried to find Romeo among the fight, but I couldn't. I heard that Benvolio saw Romeo was trying to avoid him in the morning, so I guess Romeo was not involved in fight. I tried to follow them, but since Montague had lots of injured person, I needed to go and cure them after curing tons of Montagues. I heard that there was party that opened by Capulet, and I guess Romeo went to that party. I wanted to check, but I was so tired so I went to my bed to sleep.

Diary of Second day(Act 2)

Act II, Balthazar, William Kim, Period 4

When I wake up, there was lots of work to do for servants. Thus I had to work for all the day time. After finishing my day time work, I was free to spend my time on my own way. I was wonder where Sir.Romeo was last night. I could not see Sir.Romeo neither Sir.Benvolio. Then I went to the plaza to meet Sir.Romeo because he used to be there afternoon with Sir.Mercutio. Oh, there he is. There are Sir.Mercutio with Sir.Benvolio. They are making fun of Sir.Romeo! It does not feel good to listen to bad word toward Sir.Romeo, so I try to stop them saying bad things about Romeo, but Romeo suddenly appears! There he goes! He is criticizing them. Who is that? Looks like a servant from Capulets... He is, his name was Peter. There Mercutio and Benvolio goes! They are making fun of the nurse of Capulets. Oh God, the Nurse is pretty good at making fun of us, too! Wait, Let me talk with Romeo. I hear from Romeo that he is planning a marriage with Juliet, the Capulet! That's not bad... but... just in case... that is too risky... Do I need to carry a ladder for him, or not? I decide to, and I did after I carried him a ladder, I went to the bed.

Act III, Balthazar, William Kim, Period 4

Ay! NO!!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!! Sir.Romeo is exiled from our land, Verona... WHY!!!!!! As our Benvolio said, Romeo just revenged for Mercutio.. That hot-blooded Tybalt killed Mercutio then ran away... That's why our Romeo killed him, but our hardhead Lord, he just followed the rule, to exile him. It was fair act to revenge his friend's death. Sir.Mercutio tried to have fun, but their hot blooded Tybalt just murdered him. I wonder where is Romeo. I guess he is with Friar lawrence, but if I go there, my lord Montague will recognize that Romeo is with Friar Lawrence, I shall not go there right now. I am planning to go on dark night.

-Few hours later-

Oh, isn't it Romeo? I think he is Romeo. Where is he going? He seems like he is smiling! How can he smile with exile? He must be going to Capulets unless he cannot smile. Oh God, He is. He is going to Capulets.

-Few hours later-

He is not coming out, and I am so tired. Oh, there is Sun already? I'd better go to house, I will late, Ay, No!

ACT IV, Balthazar, William Kim, Period 4

I was working all day until 3'o clock because I was late for work today. God, I wonder how their love will end. I heard that Paris wants to marry with Juliet, but Juliet is already married with Romeo.... Oh... The marriage is tomorrow. Let me check how Romeo is working. Ummm... Isn't that Paris? He looks happy, different with Romeo who is suffering from exile from Verona.

(He walks to the Friar Lawrence)

Think it is Juliet who talks with Friar Lawrence. I am really worried about tomorrow... Does Juliet not love Romeo anymore?

-------Next day---------

Ay, No!!!!!!!!! My sadness knows no depth....... O lamentable day! O me, O me! Alack the day, She's dead, Juliet is dead.... O woful time! I better tell this to Romeo... The marriage turns into funeral, and bride becomes corpse.

ACT V, Balthazar, William Kim, Period 4

... I better tell this to Master Romeo.

-Riding horse to Romeo-

Hey, Master Romeo.... I am so sorry to tell you this, but..... Juliet just pass away.... A lamentable day..... OH poor Romeo... Ay no!!  No, no, do not go to Verona now, I think there might be bad thing to you today..

-Riding horse with Romeo to Verona-

here is torch and pickax, master. No, don't let me go... Don't let me go sir, I cannot leave you like this!

Romeo:Just go with this money, please do not ever try to watch me inside, or I will kill you.

I think something really bad can happen to him. I will wait for him in front of the tomb.

Oh, its to sleepy tonight. ............

Ah, Friar Lawrence? Why are you here?

Lawrence:Who are you, and who is that torch belongs to?

That is belongs to my master, and I am Balthazar.

Lawrence:How many times passed?

About half an hour, sir.

Lawrence: Then, lets go to the tomb with me

No way, sir. Master said if I try to watch him he is going kill me. I am not sure whether this was dream, or not, I thought my master killed someone during the fight inside there.

Lawrence:Ay... Romeo!! NOOOOO

What happened? I walk to the tomb, then I find Romeo's dead body with Juliet's.

Romeo.. poor Romeo!!! ROMEO!!!!!!

Guard 1:What's that? Isn't that one of the servant of Romeo? I guess he is.

Guard 2:Just arrest him

NO... Let me... Let me.... (just cry)

-Next day morning-

What I only know is that my master said to me to pass this letter to Lord Montague. Here it is.... Then I escape from there because I don't want to do anything about Montague and Capulets also I do not want to remember this excellent tragedy, too.

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2 years ago

(act 4) Ay, kind Balthasar. The whole Capulet family is in grief of her death. Loss in such a young age... But loving thy lord? Romeo? He hath to be my greatest enemy. Juliet, marrying a Montague behind my back? O, I wish this could be forgiven, only if I can have my Juliet back in my arms...