Welcome to MINECRAFT

Welcome to the best game on the Pixel game on the internet.Because the only limit is your imagination. Their is things they add from other games that are called Mods. Their are also things that change the skin of the original character "Steve". They are called skins. Lots of You-tubers choose this game. Because they can build anything they want or they can test the mods. When you test the mods it is called a Mod showcase. The creator's name is Notch ( Markus Persson). This is the history of his game..

Minecraft is born

Notch released his first version of MINECRAFT  in 2009. It was version 0.1.. Back then the game wasn't very famous. But overtime Notch kept adding updates that made the game spectacular! If you want to know the different updates that made the game famous watch the Evolution video I posted.   

I'm a Fan

Why I choose this is because I know how much people like Minecraft and i wanted to make a tackk about it so people can learn more about it. I hope you liked my tackk.