Juan Gris

The coolest cubism artist ever!

Juan Gris was born March 23, 1887 in Madrid Spain. He died May 11, 1927 in Boulogne-Ser-Seine France.

This is where Juan Gris was born:

This is where Juan Gris died:

These are three of Juan Gris' paintings:

Juan Gris studied art at Bateau-Lavior.

An amazing fact bout Juan Gris is one of his paintings sold for more than 69 million dollars!

Did you know Juan Gris' real name was Jose Victoriano Gonzalaz. And he made art with Pablo Picasso.

Here are two paintings by other cubism artists:

How I feel about cubism, cubism to me is like a world of amazing creations. Also cubism is the shaping of anything and making it art. It could be completely grotesque but it would still be cubism. That is cubism.

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