forever HOPIA na lang ba ang love story ko ?

Inroduction to a #hopia love story.

So there's this girl named Vonnie. She likes this weird and quiet guy in school. His name is Joey. He's a Third year Mass Communication student in their school. Vonnie became friends with him and his friends even though she is only a Second year student of the same course. She doesn't have a crush on him at first until one night, she dreamed about him. It was night time and it is raining. The dream goes like this. They are somewhere with buildings and they are sharing an umbrella looks like a date to Vonnie, suddenly they arrived at Vonnie's residence but then her house caught on fire. As soon as she saw the fire, she rushed to the front gate to try to put the fire out and she succeeded. But Joey had disappeared. That was the end. After she has dreamed about that insident Vonnie started to notice Joey. Unlike before, Joey seemed a little different in Vonnie's eyes. She admitted that she's having a crush on him but doesn't wanna tell him. Like any other girl she, doesn't want to admit to Joey her feelings towards him... (To be continued...)