Accelerated Learning Seminar

Join me (Penny) for Accelerated Instruction - based on the book Master it Faster, which will be provided to all participants.  In this seminar we will learn about accelerated instruction, look at the 6 stages of learning, share activities for accelerated instruction and develop a toolkit you can continue to  use and share with the rest of Nicolet.

         Method of delivery: At your own pace 6 week online seminar via Blackboard
                                              When: March 1 - April 15, 2015
                                Weekly Time Commitment: Approximately 2 Hours
          12 re-certification hours available upon completion of the Seminar

Seminar Competencies

What is it?

The competencies for this seminar are:

  1. Develop a better understanding of the principles of accelerated learning;
  2. Develop techniques to use in your instruction;
  3. Plan how to change your way of teaching to use these techniques.

The term "accelerated learning" is a very broad term encompassing diverse techniques, methodologies and approaches to teaching and to learning. Some methods which would generally be considered to fall under the title of accelerated learning would be: mind maps, Brain Gym or Edu-Kinesthetics, concert texts, reading to music, applied multiple intelligences theory, various memory techniques, the use of music to influence the emotional and mental state of learners, state setting in a broader sense, the use of songs to aid learning, pattern spotting, the implementation of chunking, Neuro-linguistic programming, the use of drama, suspension of disbelief and others. (Source:

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