Tips for Creating an Online Donation Form

In case you were to think that people lack interest in donating money, or for any reason, fear putting up their banking details online, then think again. Several researches show that more than 60% of donors plan on making an online donation at some point. Recent survey results show that overall charitable donations increased in 2013 by 4.9%. One of the fastest growing channels was online giving, increasing more than 13%. Therefore, it is really important to have the right online donation form, which will be advantageous for a number of reasons: convenience, cost-effectiveness, communication, and donor retention. So here are three tips for creating an effective online donation form.

1. Keep it simple:

If your online donation form is taking more than 1 minute to fill, consider keeping the length of the form short. The entire idea here is to keep the form simple and convenient for the donor to fill. The more time it takes to complete the form, the less likely is the donor to see through the end of it.

2. Provide giving level options:

Every donor wants to know exactly how their contributions will impact the mission of your organization. Certain information, for example, Rs. 5000 that you donate will be enough for school supplies for a child for an entire year, or that Rs. 8000 you donate will be enough to feed a family for two months, connects with the donor and makes the experience more personal.

3. Provide an option for donors to make their donation a recurring      one.

The best way to achieve donor retention is by establishing a monthly donating program. When donors were upgraded to monthly giving, our analysis shows at least an 800% increase in income over a lifetime. Most monthly donors stay with an organization for 5–10 years, while several remain charitable until they die.

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