Two Dancers

Edgar De Gas

As nature calls with nothing but love,
the rhythm gets slower and slower.
With leaps, turns, and counts so natrual,
Seems as our floor turns to dirt.
Rhythm gets deeper and turns so natrual,
almost as if our ceiling morphs to blue.
Chaine`s and releves become one with love,
soon enough our walls are of an orange shade .
As I spill my love and my steps,
I look around and see beauty.
Those ever so natrual spins and turns,almost as if the passion is within me.
I fall so gentle
like the orange shade.
I leap so high
reaching out to the blue.
As I chaine around this sandy gravel
I feel a sense of bliss and nature.
As I truly wake
the sense is gone and i walk out those doors.
Though in my return,
nature and bliss follow my steps.
Soon before I realize,
I am isolated gently strolling
on my tippy-toes with nature.


Edgar De Gas was born on July 19, 1834 in Paris, France. Being raised in a family of  Law, De Gas took a different route, getting his bachelorette in art. With that said, he became, at the time, one of the most well known impressionist. Beside being a painter, De Gas also extended his knowledge to sculpting. He enjoyed taking pictures of dancers and had such abstract angles. His great influence was Picasso and never went further than intimiate friends. At age 83 Edgar De Gas passes away in September 27, 1917.

This piece of art intrigued me with its exotic colors and the message it gave out was much similar to the feeling of dancing alone.

The main details for me was the background due to the fact that it is very abstract and sends mixed signals, as well as the costumes and positions.

My process dealt with painting. I painted the background and all the abstract pieces of art, then went for the props, soon enough it took 3 rolls of tape to keep it in tact. It took us a couple of tries and some serious judgment to find the rite photo. Other than that the problem was making the background big enough and making room in my living room.

Leeann Amaton and Vino Alonzo helped me throughout the whole project. Leeann played the role as the second dancer in the portrait, while Vino was the photographer.

No computer enhancements simply a cropping tool.

Some minor details had to do with the position of the characters and their facial expressions. This had a great impact on my picture due to the challenge of exactly replicating it.

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