Antigone Scene - Keng and Tou

Sentry: I didn't say ran out of breath from runny, king, every time I stopped I have to think what to tell you, I was feeling like going back. The whole time a voice keep saying "You, fool don't you know your walking toward trouble?" Than another voice say "Yes, but if you let someone tell the news to Creon first you'll be in bigger trouble." And here I am telling a non-sense story, but I told it anyways because what's going to happen is going to happen anyway.

Creon: Get to point! What do you have to say?

Sentry: I didn't do it! I didn't see who did it. I don't deserve to be punish for what someone else did.

Creon: Okay you cover everything but I still don't know the problem.

Sentry: It's a serious thing I don't know how to put it.

Creon: Spit it out!

Sentry: I'm serious! I don't know! Believe me. Listen when the next shift of guards came in, we saw the body was cover in dust. Like they wanted Polyneices' soul to rest in peace. It's not my fault it was you, you, and you! I swear I didn't do it.

Choragos: I wonder king: could God be the one that did it?

Creon: Stop! Really guys, think in your head do you really think God did it? Your a fool yourself. How do you know it was god? There must have been people to bribed my guards to do this. Money! Everyone would do anything for money. But you! Find that men bring him to me or your death will be the least of your problems: I will string you up a line.

Sentry: King, may I speak?

Creon: Your voice upsets me.

Sentry: Are you sure that it's my voice and not your conscience?

Creon: By the God, you want to analyze me now!

Sentry: It's not what I say, but what has been done, that hunts you.

Creon: You talk too much!

Sentry: Maybe: But I've done nothing.

Creon: Sold your soul for some silver: That's all you have done.

Sentry: How sad if it when the right judge judges wrong!

Creon: Bring the person who did it and you will get little profit in return.

Sentry: Bring me that man!