Y4GC Roundup

The Children have embarked on a learning journey called Mantle of the Expert. The Mantle of the Expert is a dramatic-inquiry based approach to teaching and learning. The big idea is that the class do all their curriculum work as if they are an imagined group of experts.

They might be scientists in a laboratory or archaeologists excavating a tomb, or a rescue team at the scene of a disaster. They might be running a removal company, or a factory, or a shop, or a space station or a French resistance group.

Over the past two weeks, the children were asked to imagine that they were a team of expert divers who were tasked with saving a whale trapped in a fishing net. We had to turn our classroom into a diving headquarters and plan out a successful mission which was completed yesterday.

We took full advantage of the sailing regatta visit to learn about boats and what the different parts of a boat are called. The children were then able to apply the knowledge they had gathered into the mission.

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