Taniya Fulp

In the satirical of this video, Celebrity Family Feud, is imitating how the actual Family Feud show presents, making it a parody. Having that guy mention how Steve Harvey always have a new suit and him drinking during "the break", is exaggeration. There is innuendo when Adam Levine tells Steve to check out his "Pro Active commercial", and Steve reply's, "He has already went through puberty". He's saying like Adam should've too.

There is another exaggeration on how they go through each celebrity from the Voice and American Idol, pointing out how they "act., their "flaw."

In this satirical, Weekend Update: Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj is imitating Kim. The parody, is how she talks and acts the same as Kim would. She announces how her "nude photos" were "misinterpreted", they just needed a background. So remaking her pictures, she makes them look trashy and humorous. Making them bigger than what they really were, by pointing out flaws, an exaggeration.

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