The Adventure of a Life Time

Zap! Were am I ? I stumble to my feet and look around I see men wearing military uniforms and women wearing dresses. I see a news paper stand and ask the owner whats the date ? the owner looked at me for a moment then said Its April 7th, 1943. I stepped back shocked. I thought to my self for a minute if the time machine teleported me here then where do I find the time machine so I can get back to the present day. After thinking for quite some time I eventually picked up one of the news papers on the front page was an add that had a picture of Uncle Sam and it said "I want you" I read some of the paper it talked about the war in the pacific and other things such as drinks and snacks for 5 cent on the top of the paper was a New York logo so I got the idea I must be in New York.

I was so caught up in were I was I hadn't bothered to look at my clothes a wrinkled white long sleeve shirt a pair of brown jeans similar to what I saw some of the farmers wearing. I walked around for a few minutes trying to find someone to talk to I figured if I'm going to be stuck here I might as well make friends. All of the sudden a group of guys walk up asking me for my money, watch anything they could think of I ignored them thinking they weren't actually stupid enough to fight me. But I guess I was wrong one of them grabbed me and that was it I punched him as hard as I could.

After punching him a rared back my fist to punch him again but look to see him out cold and his friends trying to get him up but dropping him and then running of. My hand is sore as I thought to myself while shaking of the pain in my hand. A girl walked up and start talking to me about how I punched the guy in the face. Apparently the guy I punched and his friends steal things from the markets and fight with other people as well like the town bullies I guess. I thought wow it feels good to finally give these guys a piece of there own medicine. The girl was beautiful though she had prefect blue eyes and brown hair. She was wearing a white and blue dress. After talking for quiet sometime. I asked her if is wanted to go get something to eat. So she agreed and told me about this good burger joint downtown. I had a great rest of the day with her. Later I checked into a hotel and stayed there for the night. I had a dream about the time machine and that maybe I would never find it and I and I would be stuck here forever.

About a month has passed and me and the girl are closer her name is Nicole. She told me after we ate at the burger restaurant. I kept thinking eventually I would have to tell her I teleported here and I could no longer stay. That night I decided to go back to the Market were we first met. I have also secretly have been building on a time machine and I have tested it my final step is to go back home. So there we are and I told her about it but she looked at me for a minute puzzled. I knew she wouldn't understand so there I went right in the time machine I feel nauseous then stand on my feet I am standing where I was before as I walked home I thought to myself " Did I anything change while I was gone. I walk to my front door and open it everything was the same as It was when I left. I felt a sign of relief but I was also sad knowing I left her. I reached in my pocket in which I pulled out a note inside of it was a locket It had a picture of her in it.

Next thing I know I'm waking up I checked my phone it says Saturday 2015 I thought everything that happened could have been a dream but on my dresser sits the locket...    

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