My K-12 Apps


The TED app is intended to show students inspirational videos that encourage them think and create meanings for themselves. This app would be best for students from grades 6-12, and could be used to search for a video to introduce a topic in a plethora of subject areas, and the content is interesting enough that students can use their own time as well.


This is wonderful because it has a different educational movie every day in many subject areas for K-12, and then has a test on the movie. This would help encourage students to get into the habit of spending time each day, and greatly increase their background information in all the different subjects the app has. Like Sudoku, but for your schooling.


This app provides teachers and students with a safe and free way to interact and collaborate for free anytime they have access to the internet. This would be much like eclass in that has secure classroom discussion forums, allows for posting assignments and marks, and can be used for file sharing and uploading. Tis app is geared much more towards secondary students as elementary students would not be able to use this effectively.


MyHomework is a great app, an astounding app really with almost universal accessibility. It allows students to organize, manage and keep track of assignments and tests, deadlines and important dates. Most secondary students now have smartphones or tablets, laptops or at least access to them. A great organizational app.

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