Hair Care Tips For Those Using Minoxidil 5% Or Rogaine Foam For Women

Minoxidil 5% and Rogaine foam for women can produce tremendous results for those facing hereditary hair loss. The active ingredients in these products promote blood flow to the scalp and can help reenergize hair follicles to prevent further hair loss while promoting regrowth of hair that has fallen out. While these products are known to produce tremendous results, they cannot do it on their own. For men or women to achieve the maximum effectiveness expected from these products, it’s important for them to follow a proper hair care routine.

Here are just a few of the things both men and women need to know to get the most from Rogaine foam for women or Minoxidil 5% for men:

• Choose the right product – This should be the top consideration when beginning a hair care routine that includes either Minoxidil 5% or Rogaine foam for women or other similar products. The truth is the active ingredients in these products are very effective for helping those with hereditary hair loss, but the dosing does vary for men and women. That means whether the desired product is a shampoo, foam or liquid solution, it is imperative for men and women to choose the right products for their gender.
• Follow the routine – Rogaine foam for women and Minoxidil 5% for men are designed to address hereditary hair loss. This is a permanent condition, which means these products must be used over the long haul for the best results. Follow the suggested haircare routine. That typically means applying the products twice a day, every day.
• Take care with styling – While it is perfectly acceptable to style and use products on the hair while Rogaine or Minoxidil are being used, it’s also important to make sure the medicated products are used first. Give them a chance to fully sink into the scalp before applying things, such as hair spray or gel. Do take care when first using these products as they are known to help promote the initial loss of thinner, weaker hair. Don’t be alarmed during the first two weeks or so of use to notice an increase of shedding. This occurs to make way for healthier, thicker hair growth as the hair follicles are stimulated to perform their jobs once more.

When Minoxidil 5% or Rogaine foam for women are being used, people can go about their normal hair care routines. It is, however, vital to ensure the twice daily dose of medication is applied as recommended and that this product has the chance to work first before hair styling solutions and implements are used.

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