The Gardener by S.A. Bodeen

Isaac Quesada

Before I started reading The Gardener I thought the book was gonna be about a girl and a boy going out and they go somewhere and then they meet someone and they say be careful and then that's when it starts.

Photosynthesis- when plants use sunlight to make its own food

  Heterotroph- we have to get nutrients from other organisms

   Autotroph- self eaters

  Evolution- change overtime


Yes the father is the gardener because in the book Mason,his,Mother and Dr.Emerson went to Trodyn.

The girl in the book wakes up when everyone else was asleep is because they have certain books that put them to sleep

Melby falls is where mason lives. Trodyn is where the drama happens. And portland is where Dr.Emerson lives.

I think human experimentation is wrong because god made us like this for a reason.

A problem with climate change is that climate change causes us not to make food.Climate change is the change of weather in patterns.

Food crisis is food being distingusih. It is a problem because people are hungry and there dying.

What I think Prince E.A. is that he's telling us we messed up our future and damaging it.

In both the future generations and the gardener they talk about the future.

The Karner blue is a butterfly and it lives in New York,Misigin,Albanie.And the problem is it's going extinct from fires.

The Karner blue is important because it presents the Autrotrophs.

The seventh generations is the one who was to suffer for what we did to the future.

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