By:Ksenia Malkova


The Country Of Mountains

Basic Information:

  • Capital : Yerevan
  • Semi-peredential Republic
  • Population about : 3.5 million


Diamond production

Food In Armenia

It's believed that Armenians are the best cooks of meat in the world.

About 1/2 of their cuisine is made with meat or includes meat.

It's also believed that they make the best red wine.

Armenians cook the best meat.


Traditional Dance
Women have a separate dance from men.


Began in April of 1915 by the order of Ottoman Empire

Out of 2.5 million population - 1.5 were killed

Armenians are the first people (other than the Hereros) to suffer genocide in the 20th century.

Life In General


Use public transportation a lot

Eurovision (European song contest)

Eurovision is one of the most popular events in European life. Each country chooses a singer and sends him off to a song contest. Armenia has one of the best singers in Europe. In 2014, Armenia singer took 3rd place.

This is the winner this year. A lot of countries argued that Armenia deserved it more.

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