Well, I'm officially a nebula. This is the start to my rise to stardom! ( pun intended). The light airy colorful tendrils swaddling me in warmth packing on layers until I'm old enough to hold as my own. The warm dust tickles my nose and wraps me up, shielding me from the cold. Making me stronger. I'm Rose.


I'm officially old enough to start to glow! I'm really dull right now and crowded by bigger stars but, I'm growing steadily. The rosy pink tendrils that wrapped me a a child had have been traded out for blue green tendrils swirling around me still. They hide my bright core, much to my dismay.

high mass

I'm officially a High Mass star!!!!  my bright blue core can finally show. Living as a full star is wonderful! The blue color sets me out from the other lower mass stars in my galaxy though, even though I'm different many other stars have called me beautiful but I still don't see it. Missing my Nebula tendrils, the warmth and security they provided me.

Super Giant

Now in full swing of adult hood, I'm a supergiant.  My blue gasses have changed to a less flattering red orange mottled mixture. I'm starting to regret being angered at my conservative beginning tendrils. I'm now many many years older now, too many to count. My flares a larger than they were before. I could be a sun now.


I'm entering the supernova phase. It's like being a Nebula again but more painful, I'm basically exploding. The warmth is over whelming, swirling colors and bright light bursting from inside. Maybe I'll be a neutron star or a black hole. Either way it won't be the same.

Dwarf Star

Who am I? Where am?! I'm terribly lost and all I recall was exploding then, I blacked out. I know I'm a star, I know that I was a super giant and thats it. I have no clue who, what, or where I am. When I woke up I found other stars calling me Rose but, I have no clue who she is.  I think I could be new, but if I was I would remember all of the stages but, I can't. I have this diary but I can't recall writing this. If you read this please help me.

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