Global Village Somalia

For current events this year our group has been studying the African country of Somalia. Here are the four main issues in Somalia today.

Topic 1- Al-Shabaab's negative influence on the youth

Topic 2- poverty

The chart on the top is showing how the GDP has grown over the years. The GDP in 2012 was $600. The people are in debt about 3.055 billion dollars. Also the unemployment rate is about fifty-four percent. The left pie chart is showing how much money is being used for agriculture, industry, and service. The poorest country in Somalia is Mogadishu. One thing Somalia could do to better the GDP is become more of a tourist attraction. Lastly the chart on the right is showing specifically what the money is being used for.

Topic 3- lack of education in

Lack of education in Somalia is a big issue, especially in Mogadishu, where many children live. This lack of quality education has many bad effects on the country. The female literacy rate is only 25.8%, and the male literacy rate is also low at 49.7%. This is bad for Somalia because this young generation is the future of the country and its success, so it is not a good start if many of them are uneducated. Also, education is just simply important for the kids in Somalia. School can provide them with basic knowledge, decision making skills, and knowledge on how to stay safe, which are all important things to know in life, especially in such a dangerous country. Even though Somalia is dealing with very serious issues like terrorism and recovering from a civil war, it needs to devote some of its money to getting quality schooling, so that its future looks bright.

Topic 4 - government issues in Somalia

Somalia is being overthrown by the Pirates and Al-Shabab. The Pirates control the sea, and Al-Shabab controls everything else. Al-Shabab is creating poverty for all of the defenseless people that are pushovers. Al-Shabab is creating an image of themselves that is not popular to all the people of Somalia, and the countries of the world. On the other hand piracy is making every boat going into the Indian Ocean their own ransom note. Lots of money has been lost because of the piracy on the boats near the coast

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