Principles of the Declaration

unalienable rights: -what unalienable cant be taken away or denied. -the declaration of independence says people have unalienable rights.  Government by consent: -Refers to the idea that a government's legitamacy and moral right to use state power is only justitfed and legal when derived.

why do a just government consent of the governed ?

Because the declaractionof independence says,"Governments are instituted among mens, deriving their just powers from the consent of the govened ." this mean that the government gets all its so call power from the people , and the people set them up the government.

who is responsible for protecting or guaranteeing our unalienable rights?

the human rights are moral principlesor norms or that describe certain standard of human behavior, and are regularly protected as legal rights in national and international law.......

Are the principles of unalienable rights and govenment by consent in the declaration outdated, or are they still true like true as this day?

No, I thinks it's like not outdated it still is today.

Do these principles matter to you? How and Why?

yes, as in minds indentity wouldn't/can't be taken away from me

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