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                  Foam Or Liquid Minoxidil For Hair- Know How To Do It Right

Using Minoxidil 5% is no rocket science, anybody can do it without problems. Mainly these products are available in liquid or foam formats. Whether you are using the 5% variation for men or 2% for women, knowing about the appropriate application methods makes sense. No doubt, well within time you will start getting positive results but it is important to follow the instructions as presented on the label or suggested by your physician. The first thing to do is to determine the suitability of the product on your scalp. Are you allergenic to Minoxidil? You can find this out only through proper testing of the material on a patch of skin before thorough application.

Using the liquid format

Wash your scalp and let it dry thoroughly. While one can also use it on a damp skin this leads to more penetration than required. So the dryer your scalp less will be the lesser the chances of any side effects as minimum absorption occurs. Take the proper measurement associated with the product to fill up 1 ml/1 cc of the solution that equals to 20 drops. Evenly apply this medicine on the area where thinning hair or bald patches are present. Keep on gently massaging until it becomes totally dry and ensure this before you retire for the night or place your head on the pillow. This is also important to determine before you apply other product like hair spray, gel, or mousse. In order to ensure the effective absorption of Minoxidil to the scalp you shouldn't wet hair for minimum 4 hours after application.

If you prefer the spray or the dab method, know that careful use of dropper leads to accurate application and hence better results. You need to apply it on the scalp and not your hair, as it will be wasted there. You should thoroughly wash away your hands after the application and make sure that the product doesn't come in contact with your eyes. In case this happens, rinse it immediately with cold water thoroughly.

Foam Minoxidil application

All the precautions that you need to take when using the liquid variety are also necessary when you are using Minoxidil foam. Also, you need to ensure that you are using the accurate strength needed in your situation. Take ½ capful of the foam and then massage it gently yet thoroughly on the affected area. Wait as the foam dries out completely on the scalp before you go ahead. In order to achieve distinct effects, steady use of the product is important. While some people start showing hair regrowth within four months of beginning the application, others take more time. Prolonged use of the product does not lead to any kind of side effects so give it one full year before you can finally decide whether it has worked for you successfully. Remember the longer you use Minoxidil, the better will be the results.

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