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Lets learn about Cholesterol.

first let me explain how cholesterol effects your body and what it is

cholesterol is a waxy substance produced by the liver and also found in some foods it is needed in the body to make vitamin D

if you have to much cholesterol it can cause problems like heart disease

it can also cause blockages, raise blood pressure and even harm your blood viens by making them expand

there is considered a good cholesterol which is HDL ( high- density lipoprotein) which is obviously more dense

what it does is seek out the so called bad cholesterol LDL ( Low density lipoprotein) and recycling it back to the liver to be repurposed.

now what LDL does is basically block everything up and causes problems the more LDL the more the risk of heart problems increase

it compared to HDL is less dense

If you want to control how much cholesterol your body is getting then you need to monitor  the amounts of fats that you put into your body.



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