Peru is the third largest country in South America.

  • Land and Climate
  • Plant life ranges from desert vegetation to tropical forest.
  • More than four hundred species of mammals - including  Jaguars, tapirs, alligators, llamas, alpacas, and monkeys, marine life and birds.
  • The government has set aside more than 50 areas as protected land.
  • weather
  • The El Nino weather phenomenon periodically has a dramatic impact on Peru, causing floods and mudslides.
  • The temperatures vary significantly between the rugged andes and the eastern jungles.
sea turtle
Perus state flower
Red Bellied Piranha
baby jaguar
more Baby jaguars
adult jaguar
white baby jaguars

Here's some native animals to Peru.

a flood in Peru
mudslides and floods in Peru

These are some of Peru's natural disasters

jungle lake with a rainbow
A sunset in Peru
  • Politics
  • Peru's Independence in 1821
  • San Martin proclaimed Peruvian independence from Spain on the 28th of July 1821.
  • Peru is a presidential representative democratic republic. The government is divided into three branches: the executive, the legislative and the judicial.
  • It was successfully completed in December 1824, when Venezuelan General Antonio Jose DE Sucre defeated the Spanish troops at Gaucho  ending the Spanish reign in South America.
  • Peru's political development in the 20th century was characterized by parties reflecting the oligarch elements of Peruvian society. The military has been prominent throughout Peruvian history. Military coups have repeatedly interrupted civilian constitutional governments.

  • The constitution of Peru that was formed on 31st December, 1993 established the present form of Peru Government which is constitutional republic form of government.Before 1992 Peru had a civilian government with a bicameral legislature. This governmental system of Peru was changed in 1992.

    The Executive branch of the Peru government has the president a the chief of state and head of government. The present president of Peru is President Alberto Kenyon Fujiyama who is the head of the government in Peru. The cabinet is a part of the executive and it is made up of a council of ministers who are appointed by the president. The prime minister has no role to play in the executive portion of the Peru government. Executive powers lie only in the hands of the President.

    The Legislative branch of government of Peru is a unicameral body and it comprises the Congress. The members of Congress are appointed on the basis of election results. The third wing of the Peruvian government is the Judiciary. The Supreme Court of Justice or Cortes Supreme  Justice is the sole functioning judicial body in Peru.

    The other aspects of Peru government are the electoral system, the administrative bodies(national, regional and local), political parties and international relations of Peru.
  • Religion
  • the roman catholic church was the state church in Peru until 1979 . Today there is freedom  of religion . But there is about 81 percent of Peruvians that are roman catholic.
  • Holidays
  • Independence day is July 28th and st. rose of Lima is on august 30th . Also Easter , people get two days off of school or work and some people attend mass Friday or Saturday .
  • Food
  • Main course is pan fried rice and beans flat cake  and

    Pie de Limon

    Lime pie and it is very popular in Peru.

  • Herbal infusion tea is popular and helps people with diabetes. Its made with cinnamon, brown, and honey.
  • Their music is made with small guitars and is about animals and their culture.
  • Popular sports are volley ball, soccer which is call football in Peru.
  • Their consists of t-shirts and jeans.
  • At private schools and public schools students wear uniforms
  • Economy
  • People mine for a living , fishing is another big contributor to the work force.
  • Exports include: gold, copper, and zinc also textiles, chemicals, fish meat , and agricultural products .
  • Imports: petroleum , plastics, machinery, vehicles , irony steel, electronics, and food.
Pan fried rice and beans flat cake
Pie de limon
Herbal infusion tea
Peruvian donuts made with squash or pumpkin dough and deep fried


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