What to Be Consider When Renting Office Space Kotte

Renting an office space Kotte is definitely a good option especially if you cannot afford to buy one. However, there are certain considerations that you should take into account when choosing the ideal office space for your business. The right space should be able to cater for all your business expectations and requirements.

You should know exactly what you are looking for to make this process less tedious and shorter. List down the amenities/features and services you would like the office space to have before beginning the search. Doing this gives you a clear picture of your ideal office and saves a lot of time. Below are the factors that you should consider you decide to rent office space Kotte.

The office should impress

In the business world, the first impression is the last impression. You should therefore rent a space that makes you cut a deal with the clients even without having to negotiate. The surrounding of the office space should be clean and well-maintained. The construction and building should portray a good image to any incoming client.

Parking space

Availability of parking space is very important as you do not want your clients to stay away because they could not find a place to park their vehicles or bother with tickets.

Ease of access

Choose an office space that is easily accessible from the main places; it should be easy to reach and locate

Ample amenities

Employees want to work in an area where they can easily access various amenities. These amenities include cafes, restaurant, service providers and other meeting places. This can also work for you when you want to hold a meeting outside the office.


The size of the office space matters greatly. The office space should be big enough to accommodate the furniture, computer systems and any other additional items that will come with the growth of the business comfortably.