by Nick Bogaard

Pogo Sticking

Nick Bogaard


Do you want to get a pogo stick? Do you want to learn how to do ticks on a pogo stick? Did you know you can learn how to pogo stick just by reading this tackk? In this tack you learn how to do tricks like no hands all the way up to stair jump! And if you don’t like tricks this tackk is good for you to. In this tack you can learn how to get started and get a few tips. So If you want to learn all these things and more read pogo sticking.


Do you want to be extreme? Did you know you can learn just by reading this tack? In pogo sticking you learn how to pogo! You can also get a few tips from a pro. You can even learn awesome tricks like belly pop or even stair jump! So what are you waiting for? If you want to learn all these awesome things and much more read pogo sticking and be extreme!


When pogo sticking the number one most important thing is balance. When balancing it’s important to keep a strong center of gravity. “It helps to stare at a non moving object in the distance,” said Nick Bogaard. Some people find it helpful to have a clear blank mind. It is also important to keep your feet on the pegs and your hands on the handle bars. Once you master this you will be ready to try the next step.


When jumping you need to know how to balance. Once you learn how to balance you just put your feet on the pegs and your hands on the handle bars then jump. Actually it’s a little bit more complicated than that. First you put your hands on the handle bars and get a firm grip. Then you step on to the pogo stick with whatever foot feels more comfortable and put all your weight that foot and put your other foot on the peg. After that you bend your legs and jump. Make sure when you jump your feet don’t leave the pegs. Also keep your elbows and knees loose because it’s really all in the elbows and knees. After you’re done with that you just do it all in one swift motion and as Nick Bogaard says “That’s all there is to it.”


Do you get tired of just regular pogoing? If the answer is yes then you should learn tricks. There are many types of tricks but today you’ll learn two. The first one is belly pop. When doing a belly pop you need to have a firm grip on the handle bars and keep your feet on the pegs. First you jump as high as you can. Then you bend your arms and legs bringing the pogo stick up to your stomach. After that you do that you straiten your arms and legs bringing the pogo stick back to its normal height.

The next trick you will learn is stair jump. In stair jump you need to have a platform such as a table or some steps. First you start jumping at the top of the platform. Then you take a deep breath and jump off the platform keeping your arms and legs on the handle bars and pegs. Try to keep as balanced and level to the ground as you can. Then you just land keeping your legs and arms bent. Tricks are a great way of having fun but be careful they can be dangerous.


There are many types of pogo sticks but today you will learn about the Bogo by razor. The Bogo has unique strip of flexible plastic held together by two metal and hard plastic guards to give you maximum bounce. This pogo features a metal body, spring, and foot pegs. The Bogo also has padded handle bars to make it a more comfortable bounce. This is a great pogo for anybody who likes a big bounce and a good time.


In this tack you have learned a lot about pogo sticking like balance, jumping, and tricks. You also learned a little bit about the pogo stick. There is so much more to learn about pogo sticking but thank you for learning the basics by reading pogo sticking so until next time, see ya.

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