6 Things to Rent for Weddings

  • 1. Furniture

Ever wonder where they get the chairs and tables for the reception venue? Event furniture rental Singapore companies have the answer: furniture rental. Singapore has plenty of these services to satisfy even the most demanding brides ever. So when you get to the venue and see how amazing the tables and chairs look, know that this is the result of the event furniture rental Singapore company’s hard work. Keep that in mind. You might need the services of a wonderful furniture rental Singapore company in the future.

  • 2. Gowns

Why spend thousands on a gown for a friend’s wedding right? That’s why most people rent, instead of buy, gowns. As long as the fit is great, you have nothing to worry about. Just make sure to check every seam, every inch, for loose threads or missing buttons. You don’t want to pay extra when it’s time to give the gown back and have to explain away all those loose threads or missing buttons.

  • 3. Shoes

If you’ve already got the perfect dress, but not the perfect shoes to go with it, then might as well look into renting a pair for the wedding day. The nice thing about this is that you won’t have to spend too much money on shoes if you don’t want to. Just rent and return.

  • 4. Tuxes

Not all too many people own a tux so renting one for a wedding is usual practice. You don’t even wear it too many times a year anyway so renting it for those occasions when you do need it is really just a practical move.

  • 5. Hotel Rooms

This usually happens when you live far from where the wedding is going to take place and you can’t bed down with any pals so you stay for a few days at the nearest hotel just until the wedding is done. That or sometimes, you and some pals get together in a room to wind down and catch up before the big day. For some, it’s the perfect time to reminisce and think sentimental things.

  • 6. Cars

So you’ve got the entire weekend blocked for your friend’s wedding but commuting to the church or venue is a torture, with the dress and shoes and all the things you have to lug around with you for the event. Best thing to do, in those cases, is to rent your own ride. You can drive to the church and venue and go home, conveniently and in style.