Paris, France

The City Of Love


   You have probably heard of the quote "Paris, always a good idea". This is because it is. Today you will learn all of the recommended places to go in the city of love. This picture up here is because everyone loves Paris. This place is the ideal one for a couple to go.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tour is the place of your dreams. I highly recommend for you to go at night. As you can see in this picture, if you go at night, you can see all of this lights. The Eiffel Tower was sent to make by Gustave Eiffel. The Eiffel Tower was meant to stay there for only one month but people liked it so much that it stayed up  there. However this is a perfect day for a couple to go!

Louvre Museum

   The Louvre museum is one of the world's largest museums. It was established in 1972. It also has some of the most important paintings. One painting that is worth a lot is the Mona Lisa. It was painted in Italy by a very famous artist named Leonardo Da Vinci. The paintings were not all painted in France. The majority of them were brought from other places.

Notre Dame Cathedral

   Notre dame is a historical cathedral in Paris. This cathedral is considered one of the finest masterpieces in the French architecture. During the french revolution, Notre Dame had some of their most valuable stuff. They also had a part of it destroyed. They fixed it and now it is one of the most beautiful churches in Paris again.

Le Bristol

   Hotel Le Bristol first opened in 1925. It is well known for its architecture and its beautiful interior. Some rooms in here have a view to the Eiffel tower. This five stars hotel is mainly recognized for it's service and also for it's  location. This hotel is from the Oekers group. This is one of Europe's most richest families. It was founded by Rudolf Oekers. is this hotel's official website.

Hotel Du Louvre

The hotel Du Louvre  is really close to the Louvre Museum. It was made by the Pereire brothers. This hotel is also well-known because of it's location. this hotel has a total of 177 rooms. As well as hotel Le Bristol, this one is also a five star hotel. It is an amazing hotel for you to stay at and it is wonderfully located close to the Louvre Museum. is the official website

Four Seasons

 You have probably heard of this hotel's name. Yeah that is because around the world, there are from the same type. As you can see, the hotel's name is four seasons. This means it is because it is amazing all year. This hotel is one of the best ones all around the world. I highly recommend you to go there. is the official website.

Bristo Volnay

The restaurant Bistro Volnay, situated between Opera Garnier and Madeleine, has been so successful that owners Delphine Alcover and Magali Marian have opened another one at Les Jalles, at the end of the road. This restaurant is considered to have five stars. This is one of the top restaurants. This restaurant would work very good for a romantic dinner for two.

The Boeuf Volant

    This is a 4 stars restaurant but it is also very nice. One of the most famous plates is entrecote. Entrecote is a plate that has just frech fries and steak. Here there is a picture of a French entrecote. This is also known as one of the typical foods in Paris. This restaurant is known as a steak house. If you like steak, then this one is the place to go.

Breizh Cafe

        Breizh cafe is a very known cafe in Paris. There, the most common thing people eat are crepes. Crepes is also a typical food in Paris. Here they make salty and sweat crepes. There is also salad but they are not as good as crepes. Crepes are similar to pancakes but thinner. So, if you love pancakes, the this is the place to go.


  This is what the weather is in Paris every year. It's weather is a little chilly. If you are a tourist, it is suggested to bring a jacket. When the weather gets colder, is in January. The hottest time in the year is July, but it is really not that hot. Paris may be one o the coldest and the beautifulest countries in Europe.

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