My Favorite Season

by Tait Horalek

My favorite season smells like flowers and fruit from my grandmas farm. I go to the pool and smell the chlorine. My favorite season has a lot of color its always bright. With kids playing outside with their friends. I see a lacrosse game down at the lacrosse field. I walk out of my house and smell freshly cut grass, I smell my dads BBQ ribs. I look up looking at the clouds with my sister trying to find what shape of clouds we can find. my family and i go to lemon tree and we walk in and i smell the frozen yogurt i can smell chocolate, vanilla, and Reese's Peanut Butter cup. my sister and i come home and cheer that we don't have school for 10 weeks. when i'm playing outside with my friends its so hot we are drenched by sweat. people say this season its too hot and people say its allergy season. but its the best season in my opinion.

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