My Mission For Kindness

The Secret Service Project by: Ashton A

Do you ever do nice things for other people? Have you ever been someone's hero? Doing nice things for people not only rewards the person that you do the deed for but you reward yourself also. Well, we were put on a mission to do something nice for other people. We had to do the Secret Service Project.

The Secret Service Project is a mission to do nice things for other people. This mission is in effect for seven days. But, there's a catch.  You have to do this anonymously.

The Secret Service Project can have an impact on lots of people. When I did my project, it affected my mom, brother, dad, and grandmother. I washed my grandmother's car and she was thankful for that. Since my brother had choir, I did his chores for him. It didn't really phase him though. I cleaned out my dad's truck. Trust me, when you clean a car for my dad, it's hard work. You have to wipe down basically everything that can be wiped down, you have to vacuum the floor, and also shake the mats. He was shocked but he's a jokester so he said, " You finally got broke enough that you had to do some extra, didn't you?"  Also, I prepared a meal for my family. I cooked Hamburger Casserole, which is my favorite food. I helped my mom cook too. I also helped to track down my brother's phone and picked up trash, but I don't think that that had an impact on anyone.

The Secret Service not only has an effect on the people that you do nice things for but also has an effect on you. This project had an effect on me because when I did nice things for people, they were nicer to me in return. When I cleaned my dad's truck, he let me wake up at 5:30 instead of 5:oo. When I cooked for my family, I got to have my favorite meal. I also didn't have to wash dishes.

This project has had an impact on our ways, I think. People are normally selfish and never thinks of doing nice things for people. People our age anyway. The lesson that we were supposed to learn from this project is that you reap what you sow.

Hamburger casserole

My dad's truck

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