My InCome + Career Goal Investigation

By: Yamilex Almonte
Computer Science Class- period 2

According to the pervious worksheet it showed that I am Artistic, realistic , conventional, and social so on worksheet B i picked fashion designer, teacher, and actress.

After having a conversation with my partner and talking thing over with him, I figure that i would much be a fashion designer.

Fashion Designer

To become a designer i will need to have a associated degree in fashion design so to be able to do that i wolud have to go to a college for fashion or a vocational. I would also need a 2 or more years of experince on a

Academy  of Art University

Academy of Arts is not just a University for fashion it also focuses on other things as in Art, photograph, and journalism.

I took 3 quizzes on career on the 3 pages below and they i came out as:


2. Artistic


Academy of  Art University

Here above is a photo of the Arts University in New York.

For more Information about my income school project visit the site below.


Map location of Academy of Arts in New York.

If anything put your information here and your comments