E-Mails and Bolgs

Blogs are a very useful thing to learn.Because you can interact with people and you can also fallow people to see what new experiences they have.You as the reader can learn off of peoples mistakes .

Emails are extremely USEFUL to contacting a old friend or sending information to your our boss . With emails you can send people pictures , videos and links .

Digital Photography

Digital Photography is extremely useful to creating a new picture or making a picture look better . Also you can under stand what  pixels are ,and how they are used and manipulated .

Keynote Presentations

Presentations are very important ,they allow you to give examples of what your message is . I have made a few presentations examples below .(i can't give you the presentations its self )

Video production

Video Production one of the most popular subjects in this class . With video production you can create videos and movies for internment .

Sound Engineering

Sound Engineering allows the editor to manipulate the way sound waves transmit in your ears . AKA you can take sounds out of a video if you want . Or you could make something new .


Photoshop is extremely useful , you can create a new image or edit one some one made .I have created some new stuff with photoshop the pictures are below .

I created this from scratch at my house for a project but this was used or my Youtube channel .

Desktop Publishing/Pages

Desktop publishing is extremely useful to creating a story or creating a calculator . The possibility with this is almost endless .


his is used to make movies or even a shot film also a intro to a video. Lots of movies and videos are animation .

Fashion design

This is the art of creating clothing that is fashionable .The industry is BIG look down at your legs your whirring clothing that someone created .A example of what i made down below .

Game Design

This is overhaul my favorite subject this hole year.Thus because we got to learn about code and what  makes up games . We used a website to practice but on the website we used code like Java script .

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