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Brain tumor

About Brain Tumor

A collection of abnormal cells, The skull becomes very rigid and soft.


Vision problems, hearing problems,balance problems, changes in mental ability,seizures and muscle jerking are all symptons of a brain tumor.

Possible Causes

Exposure to raidiation is really the only cause of a brain tumor that doctors know of.

Cancer Growth

Stages of Brain Tumor

They give them a grade and it does not metastisize outside the brain. Metastasize means it can spread to other organs.


Treatments include, Raidiation Therapy-X-rays and other forms of raidiation can destroy the tumor cells or slow them, chemotherapy-the use of drugs to kill cells that keep dividing , Targeted Therapy- the focus of a specific element of a cell such as molecules and pathways.

Survival Rates

If you have a brain tumor you have a 34% chance of survival

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