Water Bowl

Molly and Murphy

Molly and Murphy

  • Breed: miniature dachshunds.
  • Location: Illinois
  • Age: 2 and 7
  • Favorite Treat: liver snaps
  • Favorite Toy: any squeaky toy to de-stuff
  • Favorite Game: going for car rides

These two are buddies!  Molly being a whopping 6 1/2 lbs gets cold easily so she has made it a habit of laying right on top of Murphy for warmth. This is a picture of Molly's a puppy, and she climbed right on Murphy right from the start.   He is so easy going it doesn't even phase him anymore. Plus he likes to be warm too since he is a smooth haired doxie.   Molly is wire- haired but doesn't have the undercoat so she is very soft.  

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