Great Brinks Robbery

In 1950, 11 men set out to master the perfect crime. It was a meticulous 18 month process to rob Brinks Headquarters in Boston which was a well known private security firm. The crime was perfect but the men were not as strong. Eventually, one man turned himself in and got a shorter sentence by turning in the rest of the men. The money was never found.

Mystery: Who robbed the Brinks Security firm?


Victim: Brinks Security Firm who lost 1.2 million in cash and 1.5 million in checks and securities.

Suspects: The 11 men who pulled off the perfect robbery.


"There were the rope and adhesive tape used to bind and gag the employees and a chauffeur’s cap which one of the robbers had left at the crime scene"  (FBI).

"The FBI further learned that four revolvers had been taken by the gang. The descriptions and serial numbers of these weapons were carefully noted since they might prove a valuable link to the men responsible for the crime" (FBI).

Many people from different parts of the country were giving tips to the police but it only led the police in different directions that never panned out.

Truck was parkd near Brinks that was later found cut into different parts and was buried with bags in a town where two gang members lived.

Not a lot of evidence because they pulled off a perfect crime.

Perspective of Narrator: Police

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