Sports & Entertainment Final Project

Megan Lero

Movie Poster Evaluation.

When I first looked at this poster on the internet it caught my eye because of the contrasting colors. The poster drew even more attention to it because of the fact that it has a large image of each of the main characters and its large, bold text down the middle of the poster. It doesn't give too much of the movie away but it shows you a little bit of what it’s going to be about. The word “Burlesque” has show lights in it and both women look like they are wearing makeup for a stage performance. “It takes a legend… to make a star,” is a catching quote and makes you want to know more about it. The placement of the quote on each of the women gives you an idea that Cher is the legend and she wants to make Christina the star. This particular poster doesn't show a scene from the movie but I don’t think it makes it a bad movie poster. It has multiple other elements from our notes that show it would be successful at grabbing the audience’s attention when they see the poster. It grabbed my attention by using the bold, large, and bright letters. The black and white image of the two women with the popping lip color was a smart movie poster design that helped grab my attention.

Top 3 marketing strategies for TV marketers.

Marketing television shows can be difficult at times. Three strategies any TV marketer can use are: using social media, advertise the original airing time, and making commercials about the show. On social media sites they could put exclusive behind the scenes pictures and videos, contests to win a trip to see the show live, create a new episode, or a scavenger hunt throughout the show. Cast members could put on pictures of themselves getting ready or answering their questions. When the original episode airs, allow fans to ask questions they have about the show or questions to the cast members. Promoting the original episode on social media or commercials will help too. Emphasize that there will be extra clips and that the shows will not be on the internet until mid-season so more people feel compelled to watch the show on the premier date. Marketers should create a commercial that shows a scene from the first episode. In my opinion commercials is what gets me to watch a show. If they don’t look interesting, I’m most likely not going to watch the show. If they let me know and repeat it every time I see the commercial I will know and remember the date it’s going to premier on television.

If you ran your own amusement or theme park, what additional value would you offer that would encourage people to either stay longer or spend more money?

There are a lot of things you could do to make people stay longer or spend more money. One thing I would include is a reward card. Every dollar you spend, you get one point. At the end of your stay you can cash your points in and win a prize. You can swipe the card at every ride you go on, any food or souvenirs you buy (inside the park), and you automatically get 100 points for each night you stay. The more points you have, the better the prize. Another strategy I would use is offering a free night if you stay six or more nights. Offering a free night would maybe allow people to visit the amusement park more and spend more money on rides and food. Transportation around the park would be minimum and only offered by our company so if people didn’t want to walk, we would always have a taxi there for them. There will be two hotels offered to guests, one will be on park grounds and the other will be about half a mile away. If you stay on the grounds you get benefits such as, free car rides, one free meal every day, tickets to win prizes at the gift shop, the reward card, and possible chance to meet characters. If you decide to stay off the ground, it’s a cheaper price but you don’t get everything that the other hotel offers. You receive: car rides for a small price, the reward card, and the free night is not offered at this location.

3 marketing strategies or concepts that seem to be important to all of the types of entertainment we covered in class.

We’ve discussed quite a few marketing strategies in class that have been beneficial for shows, movies, music, and amusement or theme parks. To me, the most important one is social media. Whether you’re using Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, or any other social media site, it’s important to keep fans in touch with the show. Including behind the scene interviews, exclusive scenes, and free music downloads, pictures of the cast doing things outside the show, or a fan based questioning board for cast and crew. Getting your fans involved is one of the most important things. They keep your ratings up and your show going. Allow them to give their input of the show and what they think of everything. The second marketing strategy that I think is important for all type of entertainment is, using promotional messages that promote what is going on. If a new album, new episode, new movie, and even a new ride at an amusement park appear, fans want to know. Keep them updated about what is going on and offer coupons if they follow you on a social media site. The final marketing strategy would be promoting the original viewing of something. Advertise the day of the original airing of a television show, premier of a movie, date of a new song release, and opening of an amusement or theme park. People want to know what is coming up and the commercials and social media lead up to the event.

Movie Trailer Review.

In this specific movie trailer they show scenes throughout the movie. A young boy is in a near death situation which allows him to visit heaven. He is considered a miracle and the boy now has stories about dead family members that he shares with his family. The target audience would include teenagers and adults; this would not be a movie to bring a child to. They gave me a general feel of what it was going to be about and that it was going to be a sad, tear jerker. I think that he is going to help out multiple people that he doesn’t even know and give them some sort of relief. The climax was for sure shown in the trailer. I believe that it was when he is rushed into the hospital and comes out someone who saw the dead. The trailer did use beginning clips and didn’t give the ending away at all. It makes me want to see the movie because I would like to know if he helps people and how he got to meet family in heaven. It teased the plot line enough but not too much. Heaven is for Real looks like an inspirational and enjoyable movie and I will be going to see it when it hits the theatre.

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