Is Technology A Benefit to Students?

Cecily Hugues

People all around the world are asking, Is Technology a Benefit to Students? Technology is something new that people in the older days didn't have. Now, people are starting to question if they should allow technology to be used in class or not.

Background: Technology is something new and a major conflict in schools. Some teachers believe students shouldn't use technology during school because it'll distract them from their activities. But a few other teachers believe technology is needed because it's a "newer world" compared to how things were back in the older days. There are many good and bad opportunities, it depends on how technology is used.

This is what the New York Times had to say about this interesting topic:

  • Structural Functional
  • Manifest reaction: Everyone having a "smart" phone that can search up information. They'll be able to study better and be able to do really good on a test (sanction).
  • Latent reaction: Some people not having phones.
  • Manifest reaction: Getting all the information needed in a matter of seconds.
  • Latent: Forgetting it all in a couple of hours.
  • Social Conflict
  • People on the lower side (the poor people) might not have a lot of money to buy a phone/laptop.
  • Wasting a lot of money on white boards instead of administration buying tablets/ iPads /Kindles (dysfunctional).
  • Some people think it's cheaper to use whiteboards than paying for internet.
  • Not having enough money for anything!
  • Symbolic Interaction
  • Will Richardson theory is that we should help students learn how to use mobile devices.
  • Shelkemi Silveri doesn't like technological items because it takes away social skills.
  • Eric Sheninger doesn't like technology to be used in school because it will start drama. Teachers won't teach because they're too busy socializing with their friends. Students will be "off-task".
  • Vicki Davis says her child is convinced games like "Stack the States" and "Math Rocket" is helping him out more than his teacher.

I think Technology should be used in schools because we'll be able to learn more than what books teach us. A book has a limited knowledge, but the internet can open up more to students than flipping pages.

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