HDL is a lipoprotein that "scrubs" and removes the cholesterol from the blood stream to prevent plaque build up.  HDL is described as "good" for your. HDL stands for High density lipoprotein


LDL is a lipoprotein that carries cholesterol to the cells of the body through the blood stream, which is how it gets its bad connotation. By bring cholesterol to the blood stream which can cause plaque. Low density lipoprotein.

HDL and LDL are commonly monitored by doctors to determine heart health. If your body has a high percentage of LDL to HDL you would be considered unhealthy. If you suspect you maybe have a high level of LDL because of your diet, get a screening from your doctor.

LDL and HDL association with heart disease

Having a high level of LDL is bad for heart health in general. LDL delivers cholesterol to the cells so they can create membranes. With LDL though if the numbers are  high the can be balanced out with a high level of HDL which gets rid of LDL in the bloodstream resulting in lower levels of cholesterol.  

What should be monitored along with HDL and LDL

There are other molecules in the blood that should be monitored such as cholesterol levels and triglycerides. Triglycerides are a important part of the bodies nutrition they give quick energy to muscles cells in the body. A abundance of triglycerides will clog up your veins exactly how cholesterol will, creating plaque. Managing cholesterol is debatably the most important part of bloodstream screening. HDL and LDL are the two factors that balance out the levels of cholesterol. Cholesterol is a waxy substance and if there is too much in the bloodstream it can get caught against the walls of the arteries/veins creating a blockage.

Why doctors track HDL and LDL?

Doctors track HDL and LDL because a if the are not at a healthy level they will clog up the arteries/veins. Clogged arteries/veins make the patient susceptible to heart disease. Heart disease leads to heart attacks. Heart attacks are the leading cause of death in America, and well developed countries in general. These types of countries have supermarkets with a abundance of food, leading to any number of choices of food. With so much choice people are lead to making bad decisions. This is why doctors check your blood to see if your bound for trouble down the road.

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