Aubrey S.


Bam! I got a perfect 10.0 from the judge. In this informational text I will tell you about the events in gymnastics. Also, the levels, & competition. And a paragraph on how scoring works.


There are four events, in women’s gymnastics. The first event is often a crowd favorite. That event is the uneven bars. Bars is an event where you can do flips like a thing called a giant. The bar[s] are round, and a little thick. You use grips to hang onto the bar. You put chalk on your grips. The next event, is beam. Beam is a rectangle that sometimes can be very squishy. A balance beam is only 4 inches wide. The following event, is the floor. The floor’s feel is very springy when you jump on it. On the floor you can tumble and you can jump. The final event, is the vault. Gymnasts perform really complicated vaults. Some positions that gymnasts perform conclude pike, tucked or straight. The gymnast has to “stick” their vault to get a better score.


The scoring may differ, one day you will get an 8.2 and another day you’ll get a 9.7. At meets or competitions you will get a score on every event. The 8.2 or things like that are scores.


The levels usually change, every year you go through them. But sometimes, if you are not good enough then you won’t go up. The skills get harder as you go. It doesn't matter what age you are for the levels. It just usually matters how good you are.


In competitions you have to wear leotards unless you’re a coach. But that is probably not a concern. You get judged by people who know a lot about the sport. They studied gymnastics as their main focus in college. In competitions or meets you usually have your hair up so it won’t get tangled. Especially if the gymnast has long hair. Sometimes gymnasts also have sparkles in their hair.

Word Bank

Giant: A flip where you hang onto the bar and you go around the bar.

Leotards: A leotard is a tank top or long sleeved and cover your whole body.

Grips: Grips are things you use to hang onto the bar better.

Chalk: Chalk is something you put on grips for bars.