Monica Bumpass

2014 Portfolio


This photo was taken for a nature project on my family trip to the British Virigin Islands. We had just docked our boat and got to experience a beautiful sunset.


This photo was taken of my sister during our trip to the British Virigin Islands. She thought it would be fun if she were to run down the pier through the birds.


This photo was taken during one of my bike rides. I noticed the clouds looked very spooky and ominous.


This photo was taken for a nature project in Florida. The hotel my family and I stayed at had a large variation of flowers to capture with my camera.


This photo was taken for a photo essay project on street signs. I took the photo and messed around with the hue to give the sky a cool effect.


This photo was taken on a family trip when we went down to the Virigin Islands and got to spend a week on a boat.


This photo was taken in Florida for a nature project. The hotel my family and I were staying at had a lot of exotic and beautiful flowers.


This photo of my dog was taken for a nature project. My dog, Charlotte, enjoys to climb on anything she can, so I thought this photo really captured her.


This photo was taken for a nature project while I was in the British Virigin Islands. I took the picture a little crooked, but was able to fix it in Photoshop.


This photo was taken on my family trip to the British Virgin Islands. I woke up early for this photo of all the boats docked.

2015 Portfolio


This picture was taken on one of the school snow days. I thought all the ice on the plants was cool and played with my macro settings to get this picture.


This picture was taken at the Homecoming pep rally. As the marching band walked by, I managed to get the attention of one of the drum players, Christopher Todd, and got him to smile.


On my family trip to Colorado, I convinced my mom to stop the car so we could see the Arkansas River up close and personal. I took advantage of the moment to take some pictures.


In this photo, my cousin and a close family friend fight the opposing team in a snowball fight. The older boy in photo was much more into it, so it was especially fun to taie photos of him.


For Spring break, my family went to Colorado. One day after skiing, we went out and played in the snow. The sun was setting and I snapped this candid picture of my younger cousin.


While staying in a cabin in Colorado, we began to notice a fox that lived in the same area. After about an hour of staking out him, he came around and stayed for awhile. It took me a few minutes to actually take a picture because all I could do was stare at him.

In Crested Butte, Colorado, the downtown consists of many old fashioned building. Every block, there would be an alley and inside would be something completely different whether it be piled high with snow or just extra trash cans.

Just like the old fashioned buildings in Crested Butte, there was a vintage gas pump outside of the old pharmacy in the town.

One of the most famous attractions ing Crested Butte, other than skiing, is Camp 4 Coffee. Camp 4 Coffee outer walls have been covered with different license plates over the years. It has become a well known landmark over the past years.

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